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Who makes an agreement and gives away all the copies?

We keep important papers safe

We have safety deposit boxes in banks or fireproof safes at home. We have hurricane or tornado or forest fire files ready in case of a quick evacuation.

Certain documents are important to us. We need to prove the parts of our agreements

The treaty

When God made his covenant with his people at the time of Moses he used forms that the people would understand from the agreements and treaties in their world.  He told them the reasons for the covenant and what he had done to redeem his people.  He told them the rules and laws of the covenant.  He also told them the consequences of their obedience and disobedience.

Two tablets

A central part of the covenant was the Ten Commandments.  They were written on two tablets of stone.  Written by God and given to Moses.  The first tablets were broken when Moses reacted to the idolatry of the Golden Calf. God replaced them with a second set. God gave both tablets to Moses.  He did not keep a copy for himself.  Both copies were kept in the Ark of the Covenant. Exodus 20:1-21; 32; 34:1-9)

A constant reminder to the Jews

What God did with the two tablets was a constant reminder of who he was.  He did not have a temple to put his copy.  He did not need a copy.  He was all-knowing and would remember the contents.  He was all-powerful and could enforce it without a copy.  He was present everywhere and needed no special place to keep his copy.

What God did was a constant reminder that he was all-knowing, all-powerful, and present everywhere.

Do we remember this as we live each day with God? Writers have reminded us that our faults are failures to remember who God is. We decide he can’t see us, has forgotten his standards or can’t do anything about anyway.

We need to live each moment conscious of God being closer and more real than our closest companion.

Why do you think we often forget that God is always with us?

What are reminders we could use of the presence of God?

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  1. This was helpful, Bob! I appreciate your explanation of why God didn’t keep one of the copies of the stone tablets for Himself. I always appreciate your thoughtful insights. Wish you could join us in the faculty lunchroom again for some good conversation and Bob Krupp stories! Have a blessed holiday season.

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