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Growing Older with Wisdom, Not Bitterness and the rest of the Links To Begin The Week- July 8, 2024.

Link to a previous post on my blog.

If you have privilege, there are two ways to use it… one is not helpful

Links to things I’ve read recently.You should not assume that I agree with everything said in these articles but I did find them thought provoking

Growing Older with Wisdom, Not Bitterness

One Of The Best Ways We Can Love Our Loved Ones

Evangelize Like You’re a Sinner

The Calling of Motherhood for the Worrisome Mother

Beware the Emotional Prosperity Gospel

10 Things You Should Know about the Book of Acts

Christ As Priest

Does Your Church Lack Community? This Might Be the Problem.

How John’s Gospel Helps Us Understand God’s Mission

8 Ways We Normalize the Abnormal

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