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Did God make us or do we make God and why does it matter?

God is beyond our comprehension

The Jewish people were confronted with the greatness of God as they camped at Mount Sinai. He had brought them out of Egypt with many miracles and he spoke from the mountain in a voice heard by the entire nation at they gathered at its base. (Exodus 20)

God was truly beyond their conception in power and glory.

In the Ten Commandments he told them not to make him smaller.

There were three commandments given to the people that preserved God’s unique position.

He was the only God

Many theologies then and now feel comfortable with more than one God. God told the Jews that he was the only God. He was not the best of many or one of a number of ways. He was the only God.

Secondly, they were not to make images of God.

He could not be confined to what people can create. Our creations are not our Creator. God remains mysterious and cannot be fully comprehended by his creatures. He is beyond our images.

Finally, they were not to misuse his name

God is also belittled when people use his name as a point of emphasis or to make false statements seem true. Many times I have heard people tell me, “God told me.” I wonder if they said that just to make their view more acceptable.

We must believe in God for who he is. He is great and mysterious. We cannot contain him or tame him. He is the only God

How have we brought God down to a size we can control?

How has God been mysterious in your life?

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