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Life of Christ: Introduction- Three Themes

I have been skimming and reading the gospels in preparation for our series on the Life of Christ.

I have noticed 3 themes throughout the gospels that I want to put before us now so we can see them develop.

Three Themes

The mystery of the Godhead and who is Messiah?

In the first centuries after the life of Christ the church, through various documents and councils, concluded that Jesus Christ was fully human and fully divine. This is the mystery of the incarnation.

In the gospels we will see that:

Jesus was born of a virgin by the action of the Holy Spirit. What does this mean?

He performed miracles.

He claimed to be the equal of God the father.

He claimed to have existed before he was born.

The ministry of Messiah and what does it mean to be saved?

In one sense we were saved in God’s plan from before creation.

We are being saved in this life as we first believe in the Messiah and grow in spiritual maturity.

We will be saved when Jesus returns.

How does the life of Christ show that God is the Lord of history?

Centuries before the incarnation prophets made statements about the future.

Some of the prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’s life.

Some of the prophecies are unfulfilled.

This shows that God knows the future and can bring the future he knows to pass.

Let’s see how these are developed.

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