What Bible study tools do I use?

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My History

After college I was on the Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru), Athletes in Action Weightlifting Team. In June, 1974, I was married and began seminary. For ten years I worked in libraries and finished graduate studies. Beginning in 1982, I spent 35 years as a seminary and university librarian and taught Church History. I also spent a short time as a seminary administrative vice president.

Digital versus print tools

I own over 4500 books as part of my Logos Bible Software package. I own about 1400 books on Kindle about 200 print books.

My most used tools

I study the Bible via my Logos Software. The tools I use are available from other sources.

Tom Constable’s Expository Notes on the Bible.

I use these notes on Logos. It is also available from Galaxie Software. An excellent collection of theological journals is also available from Galaxie.

Expositor’s Bible Commentary I have the older and revised editions and the 2 volume abridged edition

New American Commentary

New International Version Application Commentary

I also have in depth commentaries on each book of the Bible representing various theological perspectives and traditions.

I also have various systematic theologies, Bible dictionaries, biblical language tools and historical collections and guides.

I also have access to digital issues of theological journals.


If you use Tom Constable’s Notes and the Abridged Expositor’s Bible Commentary the vast majority of your questions will be answered. You will probable want more in depth resources for more detailed study.

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