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There are different pilgrimages of faith

There are different pilgrimages of faith

When we compare our spiritual lives to others we’re concerned that we do not measure up.  Other people have different journeys. They’ve done different things.  We wonder if we’ve got it right.

One of the things that John did when he compiled his gospel was to record the different journeys of those who came to Jesus.

Some people of faith have grotesque failures and recover

Jesus’s followers don’t live perfect lives.  Peter was confident in his faith but later denied Jesus.  Jesus did not throw him away but restored him and gave him a position of leadership in the Christian community. (John 13:38; 18:15-27; 21:15-23)

Some people of faith have doubts

People of faith are often people with doubts.  For 20 centuries since the resurrection Doubting Thomas has been part of the Easter story. (John 20:19-29)

Some people of faith begin with such enthusiasm that they need to be cautioned

Nathaniel responded quickly that Jesus was truly the Messiah.  Jesus cautioned him that there was much more to see and much more to learn. (John 1:44-51)

Some people of faith immediately share their faith with others

Some of Jesus’s followers quickly believe and immediately recognize that others need to find their Savior.  Andrew, Philip, and the Samaritan woman quickly told others about Christ. (John 1:40-45; 4:28-30; 4:39-42)

Some people of faith need time to reflect before they make a public commitment

Others do not move so quickly. Nicodemus had a slower, more reflective pilgrimage.  He visited Jesus secretly at night.  He later defended Jesus’s rights at a meeting of the council.  He finally made his commitment to Jesus clear when he helped bury Jesus’s body. (John 3:1-21; 7:50-52; 19:38-42)

Some people of faith are called to make a complete break with their former life

Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathia  could never return to positions of leadership in the Jewish community after they asked Pilate for Jesus’s body after he was condemned and crucified.

Some of Jesus followers are called to break with their past when they come to faith.

Are there parts of your pilgrimage of faith that concern you?

Are there parts that have been used to help others on their journey?

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  1. We are indeed all on different paths and mature in our Christian walk at varying degrees according to God’s sovereign hand on our lives. In addition, we have varying spiritual gifts and “mature” into them as we go. Good,stuff, Bob!

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