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Should Christians answer every question about their faith?

They say that you should not talk about religion or politics but sometimes it seems that is all people want to talk about.

Two types of believers

Some Christians enjoy answering every questions they get asked- Adam and Eve, the Flood, length of the first days, number and age of New Testament manuscripts, etc. They will even bait people to ask them questions and collect the latest books of evidences and lines of argument.

Others stay close to the story of Jesus and try not to wander far from the Gospel.

How did Jesus handle questions?

During the final week of his life, a few days before the crucifixion, Jesus upset the business that grew up around the temple sacrifices. Agents of the leading priests changed money and sold acceptable animals. It was a lucrative business. Jesus upset the tables, chased the vendors away, and interrupted their work. (Luke 19:45-48)

It was done in the Court of the Gentiles, the only place where non-Jews were allowed to pray.

Soon afterward the leaders asked Jesus by what authority he did this? He refused the answer and instead asked them if they accepted John’s baptism. They were trapped because they did not believe John but the onlookers did and venerated him as a prophet. They did not answer and Jesus refused to answer their question. Jesus then quoted the Song of the Vineyard from Isaiah and turned it against the leaders. Everyone knew that he condemned them with this familiar passage. (Luke 20:1-19; Isaiah 5:1-7)

The leaders then tried to trap Jesus with two more questions. Should the Jews pat taxes to Rome and an application of the law that would either make Jesus look silly or irreverent depending on his answer. He answered them successfully and they stopped questioning him. (Luke 20:20-40)

Jesus then continued the discussion. He subtly moved them toward the mystery of the incarnation by asking them how the Messiah could be both King David’s descendant and his Lord. The leaders gave no answer. (Luke 20:41-47)

What can we learn from Jesus?

Jesus did not answer every question.

He did answer some questions.

He moved the discussion toward the Gospel.

This is a simple, profound, but, at times, difficult example to follow.

When have you been asked a question that was only intended to trap or embarrass you?

How do you try to focus a discussion on Jesus?

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