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What are the seven characteristics of mature Christians?

Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi is unique.

Some of his letters were predominately about an area of teaching and how to live out those principles. Some letters focused on wrong teaching or practice. Some were personal letters to nurture fellow leaders.

Philippians was written to a church that Paul founded. He maintained a close relationship with them when he moved on and planted churches elsewhere. They sent him money and one of their leaders visited him when he was in prison in Rome.

This letter was more personal than others and focused on living well.

As he summed up the letter in chapter four, he pushed his friends toward growth and maturity.

He told them that:

Christians should help each other agree whenever possible. (Philippians 4:1-3)

We should praise God, publicly saying what he has done for us. (4:4)

We should be known as reasonable people. (4:5)

Jesus is coming back so we shouldn’t be consumed with worry. (4:6)

We should pray about our concerns and be thankful when we pray. (4:6)

We should think about all the things we can be thankful for and focus on good things. (4:8)

Finally, we should practice the good things we’ve been taught (4:9)

If we do these things, we will have a peaceful life (4:7, 9)

We live in a distracting, busy world. We need to plan and go against the flow if we want to live simple, focused lives.

Why are Christians so easily distracted?

6 thoughts on “What are the seven characteristics of mature Christians?”

  1. Your seven points may be summarized: a mature Christian seeks to please God in one’s thoughts, in in one’s attitude, one’s words, and in one’s actions, thereby positively impacting one’s relationships spiritually and socially!

  2. I submit that we, as believers, know and understand the big picture of salvation, eternal life and heaven but we get caught up in the middle of the fire storm and get short sighted. Happens to me. I know that God is 100% in control but do not like the trial when in the middle of it even though it’s for my good.

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