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People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission

People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission

Vines and grapes

In ancient Israel food was grown in different ways.  Some food came from plants that were planted each year.  Wheat and barley were an important part of the diet.  Other food came from trees and vines. These were planted, nurtured, and gave fruit each year. They were passed on from generation to generation. Olives and grapes were an important part of the abundance of the Promised Land.

When the children of Abraham prepared to enter the Promised Land They sent out spies. The spies brought back stories of the great vineyards in the land and samples of the grapes. (Numbers 13)

Josephus was a Jewish general and historian in the years of the early church. He described the clusters of grapes that were depicted on the front of the temple. They were a symbol of God’s blessings to the Jewish people.

Not of the world but united with Jesus

Jesus’s followers do not fit in this world. However, they are united and empowered by God through his indwelling Spirit.

People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission

People of faith are not empowered by God to be lone rangers living a life of their own creation.  They are united with Jesus in his mission.  They are as united with their Redeemer as branches are to their vine. This union is called abiding in Christ and is marked by a life of prayer and obedience. (John 15-16)

How do we know Jesus’ agenda?

Jesus outlined his mission in the days before he ascended to the Father when he gave the Great Commission to his disciples.  Followers of Jesus are his witnesses. They help others grow on their path toward Christian maturity. (Matthew 28:16-20)

The Apostle Paul told Christians that their lives were based on all that God had done for them.  They were to be transformed people who had a proper view of themselves and live lives of service and love. (Romans 12)

How are you part of Jesus’ Great Commission?

What types of service and acts of love mark your life?

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