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Links to Begin the Week- May 22, 2023

Link to a previous post on my blog

The blessed father of the faithful failed to be a blessing

Links to things I’ve read recently

You should not assume that I agree with everything said in these articles but I did find them thought provoking.

The Missing Seat at Mother’s Day Brunch: How to Navigate It

Sunny Side of The Stream: Super Bowl Champ Advises Grads to ‘Get Married and Start a Family’

Dealing With Doubts?: 5 Faith-Building Keys in Times of Questioning

Don’t Be Fooled: Charity Has Always Been Religious

What does “modesty” refer to in 1 Timothy 2:9?

Why I Loved Caring for My Aging Parents

15 Things About John Calvin You May Not Know

Life in a Post-Roe World: Supporting the Hurting

9 Things You Should Know About Christianity in India

OCCA Summer Conference 2023

Links to books I’ve recently started

I usually have about 15 books going at once. These are ones that I have started in the last week. I often reread books that I find enlightening. I obviously don’t agree with every statement in these books. Often, I find books written by those without any Christian faith to be very stimulating as they are addressing issues that are faced by all people.

Noel Riley Fitch  (Author), Rick Tulka  (Illustrator). Paris Café: The Select Crowd. Reread

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