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I will be reading through the Bible differently from now on

Reading through the Bible each year.

I have been reading through the Bible each year for most of my life. For about twenty years I was a member of a church that used the One Year Bible and sermons and group discussions were based on recent readings. For the last four years I have been a member of a church that uses the Scripture Union program and the pastor meets monthly with a group of readers to discuss their insights for the last month. Both programs work very well and I strongly recommend them or some other program that encourages Bible reading and corporate discussion in every church.

An addition daily reading I’ve started recently.

A few months ago in my Links to Begin the Weeks post I said that I had started reading the ESV Church History Study Bible: Voices from the Past, Wisdom for the Present. I read one chapter each day with its readings.

My recommendation

I cannot give a higher recommendation than I give this book. Please give it a try.

Writers I have encountered in my recent readings:

Anselm. (1033-1109). Devotions of Saint Anselm.

Augustine. (354-430). City of God.

Augustine. (354-430). A Treatise on the Grace of Christ and on Original Sin.

Gervase Babington. (c.1549-1610). Comfortable Notes upon the Books of Exodus and Leviticus.

Thomas Boston. (1676-1732). A Complete Body of Divinity.

Thomas Boston. (1676-1732). Discourses on Prayer.

William Bridge. (1600-1670). Sermons.

Thomas Brooks. (1608-1680). An Ark For All God’s Noahs.

Thomas Brooks. (1608-1680). Heaven on Earth.

Thomas Brooks. (1608-1680). London’s Lamentations on the Late Fiery Dispensation.

John Bunyan. (1628-1688). An Exposition on the First Ten Chapters of Genesis.

John Calvin. (1509-1564). Harmony of the Law.

Stephen Charnock. (1628-1680). A Discourse of the Knowledge of God.

Stephen Charnock. (1628-1680). A Discourse on Christ’s Intercession.

Stephen Charnock. (1628-1680). A Discourse on Christ Our Passover.

Stephen Charnock. (1628-1680). Discourses on the Existence and Attributes of God.

David Clarkson. (1622-1686). Sermons.

Jonathan Edwards. (1703-1758). Notes on the Bible; Genesis.

Jonathan Edwards. (1703-1758). Types of the Messiah.

William Gurnall. (1616-1679). The Christian in Complete Armour

Matthew Henry. (1662-1714). Commentary on the Whole Bible.

Irenaeus. (c.130-C.202). The Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching.

Benjamin Keach. (1640-1704). An Exposition of the Parables.

Martin Luther. (1483-1546). Luther on the Creation.

Alexander Maclaren. (1826-1910). Expositions of Holy Scripture.

John Newton. (1725-1807). Messiah.

John Owen. (1616-1683). A Discourse of the Holy Spirit.

John Owen. (1616-1683). Sermons of John Owen.

J. C. Ryle. (1816-1900). Holiness.

Richard Sibbes. (1577-1635). The Soul’s Conflict.

Charles Spurgeon. (1834-1892). Sermons.

George Whitfield. (1714-1770). Sermons.

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