Happy New Year and We are Planning to Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary

Friends and Family.

We are blessed by God to be in our 50th year of marriage leading up to June 1st. All of you have been a beautiful strand woven into our tapestry. We are thankful for your lives shared with us.

Bob continues to post his blog each Monday at https://robertkrupp.com. He is also working on other writing projects. He has had back problems this year from past weightlifting injuries and his physicians, using tests and scans, are planning the next steps.

Collette got new total knees October 2022 and April 2023. Shell Point’s home health, out-patient and now exercise classes are building strength, balance and endurance. She joined two different resident groups fall 2023 in praying for others and was pleased to see the two new groups merge this month. The hurricane left our area with massive infrastructural damage. Underground flood saltwater created sink holes causing pipes to collapse and electrical wires to malfunction even months afterwards. Shell Point has recovered and is assisting our staff families with their financial and compassion support needs. New buildings on campus are moving ahead to create refreshing spaces with water views.

Being home together is rich and rewarding. Forty eight years both of us were working out of the home. Twenty of those years Bob spent weeks at Extended Stay in OR. Now we love days together. Hope you will flourish in your 2024 year with God’s blessing!

Bob and Collette


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