Go and Tell… and …Come and See

Come and See

Just before his death, Moses spoke to the Jews who were about the enter the land promised to Abraham. He restated the law that was given to their parents who came out of Egypt. He spoke about how attractive their nation would be if they obeyed God’s law. Gentiles would wonder at their justice. (Deuteronomy 4:1-8)

The are other examples but the Sabbath Day, Sabbath Year, and the Year of Jubilee gave the people time to seek justice and to focus on God as Creator and Redeemer.  The grace and generosity of Boaz was praised by those who knew him. The Queen of Sheba traveled to wonder at the wisdom and wealth of Solomon. (Exodus 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Ruth 2-4; 1 Kings 10)

However, the people ultimately broke the covenant and the God’s name was dishonored among the Gentiles. (Romans 2:24; Isaiah 52:5; Ezekiel 36:20-23)

Go and Tell

It was not only “come and see” in the Mosaic covenant. God also sent people to preach repentance to those who rebelled against him. (Jonah; Amos)

After he rose from the dead and before he ascended, Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples. Christians are to go and tell the world about the saving work of Christ. Jesus had said to his followers that they were to let their light shine in the world so that people would see their good works and be attracted to their Heavenly Father. He criticized the religious leaders who would go far and wide to make proselytes but continue to live in hypocrisy. (Matthew 5:16; 23:15)

In Christian lives the “come and see” must match the “go and tell.” We must live the Gospel that we share with the unbelieving world. Hypocrisy will not lead people to Christ.

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