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Go…I will show you. Go … I will tell you.

God Went With Abraham

There are two ways I could give you a house. I could give you the address, the keys and the ownership  papers and wish you well in your new home. I could also tell you of the gift and say, “Let me come and show you your new home.” This way I go with you and share in the trip. I will be there when you arrive.

In Abraham’s most difficult journeys that tested and established his faith, God made it clear that he was going with him

Go To the Land

Go to the land – When Abraham was asked to leave the security of his homeland and go to the unknown, God went on the trip. (Genesis 12:1)

Go… I Will Show You

Sacrifice on a mountain- When God told him to do the unthinkable and offer the son of promise as a human sacrifice, God would be with him. As Abraham traveled about sixty miles from Beersheba to Mount Moriah, God was with him. Isaac was the child of promise but Abraham obeyed. He rose early and left immediately. He had no other sacrifice, no other alternative. When he arrived he was confident and told the men with him that he and Isaac were going up the mountain and they were coming down. The writer of Hebrews said that Abraham had concluded that God could raise Isaac from the dead if he killed him in obedience. (Genesis 22:2; Hebrews 11:19)

Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah became a central place in the drama of God’s history. Solomon’s temple was there (2 Chronicles 3:1). Messiah taught on the temple mount. He was crucified and rose from the dead nearby.

Abraham was called to a hard costly obedience but God was with him.

Have your ever faced a choice where you were sure what you needed to do but were also sure the choice would lead to difficult circumstances? How have you prayed during those times?

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