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Four things God has given us and four reasons why he gave them

Near the end of his life Paul wrote to Titus.

He had left him on Crete to organize the churches there.

Paul was a Jew and Titus a Greek but they had a common faith (Titus 1:4).

Paul gave Titus instructions about church leaders and their qualifications and how to treat various groups in the churches. Then he gave him a summary statement of their common faith..

God’s grace has given four things to Christians. (Titus 2:11-14)

He has given us salvation. Our relationship with Jesus is the base on which we build our lives.

He has given us a sure moral compass. Because of what God has taught us, we can know right from wrong. Others may have a compass that swings with fashions and fads.  God has taught his people how “to say no to ungodliness” and yes to “self-controlled, upright and godly lives.”(Titus 2:11-12, English Standard Version)

He has also given us a hope. We know that Jesus, our God and Savior, is coming again. We know how all of this confusion will end.

He has given us a place to belong. Jesus has purified people for himself who are eager to do good in this world. We are part those people. We live in this world but we have a citizenship and identity in heaven with our God and Savior. We can act to better our world because we are part of God’s counter-cultural movement not centered on the here and now. We have a transcendent vision that knows God, his word, and his sure future

Why are we given these four gifts from God? (Titus 2:15)

We should teach them to each other.

We should encourage each other. The world is not our home. Most people reject our God. We live in a world that is not friendly to godliness. We live as radical pilgrims who should not fit in.

We should correct each other when we do not meet God’s standards. We fall and we get up. We need each other in our personal struggles.

Finally, we should be confident. We should not let people despise us. We know where this world is heading and we know the only sure message of hope.

How have these gifts and these reasons changed your life?

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  1. On a day when the news is focused on Ebola, ISIL, and politics, thanks for this reminder or the Good News of GOD’S profound grace to believers. Philippians 4:8.

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