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Do you interrupt your schedule and move quickly to serve someone else or to obey God… like Abraham did?

Usually we move at our own pace

People who have rank or are in authority usually get to set their own pace.

Most of us have some time each day when we are free to organize and plan our lives.

Abraham moved quickly to serve

It was in the afternoon, a hot afternoon, and Abraham was in his tent. He saw three visitors and quickly moved to serve them. He asked them to stay and quickly asked Sarah to prepare some bread and he chose a calf to be prepared for the guests. He brought them curds and milk and stood near them while they ate to see if they needed anything else.

The visitors were God and two angels and they predicted Isaac’s birth and left to go to Sodom to verify the evil in the city that would be judged for their sin.

During the afternoon Abraham realized that he was serving God and prayed for the people of Sodom. (Genesis 18)

Abraham moved quickly to obey

Some time later, when Isaac was a young man, God came asked Abraham to do the unthinkable. He told him to sacrifice his son Isaac as he would an animal and as the nations around him did. He told him to do it in Moriah about forty miles away from Beersheba where he was camped.

He left early the next morning. He quickly obeyed even this request from God. God told him that Isaac would father his descendants and he believed him. He assumed that God would raised Isaac from the dead. God prevented him from killing Isaac and provided an animal for the sacrifice.

Centuries later Solomon built the temple in the same place as the sacrifice and Jesus died not far away.

Abraham quickly obeyed God’s difficult command. He had ideas as to how God would solve his conflict. God solved it in another way but the depth of Abraham’s faith was revealed. (Genesis 22; 2 Chronicles 3:1; Hebrews 11:17-19)

What causes us to move quickly?

What does that say about us?

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