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We have faith and we have doubts…What do we do?

We have faith and we have doubts

In our minds are doubts and faith. We have honorable thoughts and an embarrassing web of lusts, hates and envies. Our minds are like a garden and what we choose to water and nourish is critical.

I have friends who have doubts and read every book and watch every special that reinforces their unbelief. They shun daily devotions as something for the uncritical and immature and wonder why they continue to wander. Their wives sadly watch as they sink further and further away from the faith of the first years of their marriage.

How to change on the inside

Romans 12 talks about the being transformed by the renewing of our minds (v 2). We are encouraged to think rightly about ourselves as uniquely gifted members of the Body of Christ (3-8). We are reminded to have right attitudes from love to hospitality (9-13). The final paragraph of the chapter reminds us how to live in our complicated world. We should bless persecutors and rejoice or weep with others in their life’s struggles.  In summary we must not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. (14-21). The process of Romans 12 lead to increasing godliness.

The process of James 1:14-15 moves from desire to sin to death when we focus on the basest of our thoughts. We focus on evil and evil grows and dominates our lives.

What do we do?

Paul reminds the Christians in Philippi to think about what is honorable and edifying. Then he links right thinking with right practice and the experience of the peace of God (Philippians 4:8-9).

Our minds are a battle ground of the honorable and the perverse, the worldly and the eternal.

We need to focus on God and water and grow the good things in our minds.

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  1. Romans chapter 12 is the very book we are studying at our church for quite some time now….. it is especially difficut in today’s society, to keep our “minds” from thinking as the world thinks because of the constant bombardment of the media…..wether the news,the web,social media. That’s why is so important not only to “turn” away from the preverse world, but to fill our minds with God’s word. His words changes us, and His words give us His desires. His words cleans us. By doing nothing, you will be conformed to the world….reading God’s word will Transform you….it’s a daily, sometimes, hour by hour, minute by minute.

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