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Are you big enough to use yourself as a bad example when you teach others … like Moses did?

We all live in a world where choices have consequences.  We can use our bad choices as examples to teach others about things to avoid on their life pilgrimages.

Moses’ Disobedience

God gave Moses specific instructions on how to provide water for his people in the desert.  Moses disobeyed God and took the credit for himself.  God told him that because he did this he would not enter the Promised Land. (Numbers 20:1-13)

The people should not be like Moses

When he recounted this story to the people as they were preparing to cross the Jordan to enter the land God had promised to Abraham he contrasted his disobedience and their opportunity to follow God by faithfully keeping his covenant. (Deuteronomy 3:21-4:14)

He would die before they crossed. They would cross and be faced with choices each day.

His life is near the end. Their life as a redeemed nation in the land of the covenant was just beginning

They had a future to live.

There are consequences for good choices

They will be blessed in the Promised Land.

The history of God’s people shows how the choices played out.

When they wandered from God they were oppressed during the period of the Judges but God always brought a deliverer when they turned back to him.

They also faced consequences for bad choices during the era of the Kings but repentance was always an option.

We live in the same world.

There are consequences for bad choices but we can always change and renew our relationship with God.

Has anyone ever told you not to imitate their mistakes?

Have you ever used your mistakes to teach others?

2 thoughts on “Are you big enough to use yourself as a bad example when you teach others … like Moses did?”

  1. Thanks, Bob! I always appreciate your insightful observations. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to admit our mistakes to others. We have learned from Moses, and others can learn from us as we demonstrate this kind of transparency.

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