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Are there some things too evil for Jesus to heal?

Uncleanness in the Hebrew Scriptures

In the Hebrew Scriptures there are many regulations about uncleanness. Why are they there?

Some say that they address hygiene issues but that does not explain all of them. Some say that they are basically arbitrary…do this because I told you. That doesn’t seem to explain them either. (Leviticus 14-16; Numbers 8; 19)

Things that point to Jesus

There are many things in the Hebrew Scriptures that point to Messiah. He is the descendant of King David who reigns forever. He is that ultimate and final sacrifice and the superior priest. He is the final and complete prophet. He combines priest and king. This could not happen among the Jews. The priests were from the tribe of Levi and the kings were from the tribe of Judah. (2 Samuel 7:16; Deuteronomy 18:15-19; Hebrews 4:14-5:10; 7:1-10:18)

I believe uncleanness in the Hebrew legal code also points to Jesus. In many places in the Torah disease made people unclean

If you were clean and were exposed to uncleanness it made you unclean.

Jesus and uncleanness

Jesus was not bound by the rules and attacked uncleanness when he encountered it. He touched lepers and he did not become unclean. They became clean. He touched dead bodies and the dead came back to life. An unclean woman who bled continuously touched him and she was healed. (Luke 5:12-16; 7:11-17; 8:40-56)

Uncleanness in us

I believe this points to the ultimate uncleanness. Sin includes the wrong thoughts, words, and actions that mar our lives. Jesus can clean these as well.

Have you ever felt that there were things in your life that can never change?

Have you ever felt that there were things in others that you did not believe would ever change?

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