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Links to Begin the Week- September 16, 2019

Link to a previous post on my blog

Finally, I have grass stains on my uniform: Why Jesus asked the Father to send workers into the harvest

Links to things I’ve read recently

You should not assume that I agree with everything said in these articles but I did find them thought provoking.

How Can I Strengthen My Faith?

What Do I Say When I Only Have a Minute to Talk About God? (Video)

3 Ways to Help a Friend with Depression

No Easy Answers to the Problem of Suffering

How Do I Choose a Spouse? Seven Principles for Marrying Well

Six Reasons Why Adultery Is Very Serious

BreakPoint: Hong Kong’s Lesson for Beijing . . . and the West Economic Vitality and the Christian Worldview

The First Sexual Revolution: The Triumph of Christian Morality in the Roman Empire

5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California

Churches Are Saving Ethiopia’s Last Remaining Native Trees

Links to books I’ve recently started

I usually have about 15 books going at once. These are ones that I have started in the last week. I often reread books that I find enlightening. I obviously don’t agree with every statement in these books. Often, I find books written by those without any Christian faith to be very stimulating as they are addressing issues that are faced by all people.

Patrick Schreiner. Matthew, Disciple and Scribe: The First Gospel and Its Portrait of Jesus

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