Finally, I have grass stains on my uniform: Why Jesus asked the Father to send workers into the harvest

Coach Put Me In

All of us who have tasted football have heard the story of the smallest player that begs, “Coach, put me in!”

The coach looks every way but at the him.

Finally, he says, “if I put you in, they will kill you”

One time a group of us were reminiscing about our time on the field and one said with a smile that he was that guy.

He begged and begged until he got to go in… he stood in the middle of the mayhem until someone unseen knocked him into a throbbing pained heap.

He walked off in victory… he finally had grass stains on his game uniform… he wouldn’t let his mom wash it until the end of the season.

Jesus wants us in the game, an eternally important game

After the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, there are two chapters describing various events in Jesus ministry. At the end of chapter 9, Jesus tells his disciples to pray to the Lord of the Harvest (God) that he would send more workers into his harvest.

The harvest is great but the workers are few.

In 9:34, we learn that there will be opposition to the harvest.

In 10:1, we see Jesus sending out the Twelve in what appears to be their first harvest journey without him.

A key word in this chapter is translated “send” in 9:38. It is used in 9:25 when Jesus forces the crowd out so he can raise the dead daughter. It is used many times in the Gospels for casting out demons (Matthew 12:27, etc.).

We are to pray for God to send workers into his eternal harvest of souls even if they are not thinking about it or even unwilling to go.

How can we get in the game?

Is the harvest a prayer priority for us?

Is our church’s place in the harvest a priority for us?

How to we spend our time, money, influence?

As we live in our world and meet new people is the harvest a priority for us?

Are we willing to go to another place to have a deeper impact in the harvest?

Do we go in some way to where the harvest is flourishing now?

Do we care and stay informed about what is happening around the world?

We can give to ministries in places that were impossible 100 years ago. Do we?

Do we pray for places where the unharvested gather like universities?

Do we serve the unharvested we see each day so we and our message have credibility with them?

Jesus wants us in the game, an eternally important game

Questions for consideration:

What are you doing to help in the harvest into God’s kingdom?

How important is the harvest to you?

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