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Why do we worship what we make?

Some passages of Scripture sound quaint when we read them but they may actually apply to us.

We read passages in the Bible where people make statues and bow down before them. We read about or even visit ancient temples where there was a statue inside that was the god of the city. We read about different gods that were revered for different functions…fertility, rain, thunder, crops, etc.

We read these things and wonder how people could do something so foolish.

God is totally unique and we should never treat him as less than he is.

The Ten Commandments- a clear beginning

Many of us attended church when we were young and memorized the Ten Commandments. The first commandments talk about how we should treat God. We shall not have any other gods. We shall not bow down to any image and we shall not use God’s name in vain. (Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5)

The Golden Calf- the first mistake of many

After God had spoken the commandments from the mountain in Exodus 20, Moses went up the mountain to receive more instructions. While he was up there the people became impatient and built the golden calf. God called the calf an idol. (Exodus 32:8). The people had failed very quickly.

The prophets who wrote the historical books made it clear. The Jews made other gods and images and worshipped then consistently. (1 Kings 14:9)

The prophetic verdict on idols

The prophets denounced the practice of idol worship. It was wrong and it was silly. The people made something that could not speak or walk and worshipped it. The wood that was left over from the idol-making and burned for heat was better used than the wood that made the idol. (Isaiah 40:18f; 44:15; 46:6; Jeremiah 10:1-16;Habakkuk 2:18)

Praising God that he is not like idols

Psalm 115 praises God that he is not like idols who cannot speak, see, or hear. God guided the history of the Jewish people and blessed them. God is creator and sustainer. He is totally unique.

God is totally unique and we should never treat him as less than he is and sometimes we do.

Questions for consideration:

Is there something you own or have achieved that you are really proud of?

Do you think you ever cross the line where this becomes a distraction in your relationship with God?

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