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Sometimes we just don’t understand what God is teaching us because we have our own agenda… just like Jesus’ disciples.

Jesus taught with the purpose

Jesus presented his messianic claims to the religious leaders and they responded that he had his powers because he was Satan’s partner. (Matthew 12)

Jesus called the crowds to a deeper relationship with him but they grew tired of his teaching and went away. (John 6)

The third emphasis of Jesus’ teaching ministry was to prepare his disciples to spread the Gospel and plant the Church after he died, rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven.

A central part of Jesus is teaching

When he was alone with the disciples at the northern edge of Galilee he asked them, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter answered for the group and said that Jesus was the Messiah.

Jesus then begin to teach them that part of being Messiah was being rejected and killed. Each time Jesus talked to the disciples about this they misunderstood or rejected what he said.

The first response- Rejection

Soon after Peter’s confession, Jesus told them that he would suffer many things and be rejected by the religious leaders. He would be killed and rise again. Peter took him aside and rebuked him.  Jesus likened his response to a response from Satan himself. (Mark 8:31-32; Matthew 16:21-28; Luke 9:22-27)

The second response- Pride

Later he spoke to them again about his death and added the detail that he would be betrayed. The disciples responded by arguing which one of them was the greatest. (Mark 9:31; Matthew 17:14-19; Luke 9:37-45)

The third response- Self-service

Jesus spoke about his death again and added the detail that he would be turned over the Gentiles who would torture him.  James and John respond by asking for the best seats in the eternal kingdom. (Mark 10:32-34; Matthew 20:17-19; Luke 18:31-33)

They did not grasp until later the centrality of the atoning death of Jesus, the resurrection power of the first Easter, and the necessity of Jesus returning to heaven until his Second Coming.

Have you ever spoken to a person or a group and have them totally misunderstand your words?

Have you ever realized that you had totally misunderstood what someone was trying to say to you?

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