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New images on my blog posts


I have had a very slow unveiling of my new webpage.

There are now new images on each blog post that will make it easier for you to share my posts with others.

The top image on the left side of the post is for you to use to share the post on Facebook

The second image on the left is to share the post on Twitter.

The third image on the left lets you print the post.

The image on the bottom lets anyone who sees the post sign up to get all future posts.

As always, you can email me with the name and email address of a friend who want to receives the future posts and I will add them

Please use these when they are helpful



2 thoughts on “New images on my blog posts”

  1. I am happy to share your posts! I was not sure it was ok to do so. I do share via email but now I will add the social media platform. Be well my friend!

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