Links to Begin the Week- May 18, 2020

Link to a previous post on my blog

Sometimes children find out what their parents really believe

Links to things I’ve read recently

You should not assume that I agree with everything said in these articles but I did find them thought provoking.

Were Adam and Eve Real People? How History Hangs on Their Story

Why Western Intellectuals Are Dreaming Christian Dreams

Why God is Still the Best Explanation for Objective Moral Truths 

To Those Who Hate the Church: Be Careful What You Despise

9 observations about change

The Spiritual Problem of Antisemitisn: Why Christians Should Speak Up on Behalf of Jews

The Final Enemy

Paris Partially Re-Opened: Yay! But…

Warning & Wooing

Links to books I’ve recently started

I usually have about 15 books going at once. These are ones that I have started in the last week. I often reread books that I find enlightening. I obviously don’t agree with every statement in these books. Often, I find books written by those without any Christian faith to be very stimulating as they are addressing issues that are faced by all people.

Luc Ferry. A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living (Learning to Live)

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