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Jan 07

Two Reasons Why We Need to Know Who Killed Jesus

Two Reasons Why We Need to Know Who Killed Jesus We live in a blame casting and credit gathering society. We need to be sure that we can pin all the blame for bad things on someone else and that we can claim all credit for the good things. The goal is for one other …

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Jul 21

What happens when we sin?

Christians don’t lead perfect lives. We sin and each time we sin there is a choice. We can agree that it is wrong and decide not to do it again and be restored. We will sin again and the process will be repeated. We will mature and change but we will always be plagued by …

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Apr 07

“He is risen…His is risen indeed”..actually…”They have taken the body.”

He is Risen Each year at Easter the worship leader comes to the microphone to begin the service and energetically says, “He is risen.” It usually takes three attempts but eventually there is a semi-crisp response. “He is risen, indeed.” Some among us assume that we are trying to recreate the triumphal moment on the …

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Mar 14

Followers of Jesus must be fruitful

Jesus knew that the time of his death was near Jesus knew that His hour had come as He approached the final night with His disciples. He washed their feet as an example of humility. He then told them that one of them would betray Him. He told them that He was leaving and that …

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Feb 23

We have faith and we have doubts…What do we do?

We have faith and we have doubts In our minds are doubts and faith. We have honorable thoughts and an embarrassing web of lusts, hates and envies. Our minds are like a garden and what we choose to water and nourish is critical. I have friends who have doubts and read every book and watch …

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Feb 13

Judicial blindness is real.

Jesus was rejected Jesus offered salvation to His most bitter opponents but didn’t reach all of them. As I stated in the last blog the opposition between the religious leaders and Jesus was real. They said that He did his miracles in league with the Devil. He denounced them in the clearest terms in the …

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