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Sometimes God fulfills his promises in very difficult circumstances

After the creation of Adam and Eve, the early history of humanity seemed grim. From the Fall to the Flood to the Tower of Babel it was a story of the growth of evil with few godly examples.

However, in Genesis 12, a new story began.

Sometimes God fulfills his promises in very difficult circumstances

The promise to Abraham

In Genesis 12:1-3 Abraham was promised land, seed, and blessing. He was called to leave his home and family and begin a life of wandering in a land that would be given to his descendants. He was also promised descendants as numerous as the stars and he would be a blessing or a curse to all the peoples of the earth depending in their response to God’s mission through him.

The first generations of promise

The first generations of promise were very small…Abraham to Isaac…. and Isaac to Jacob.  Jacob had twelve sons and returned to the Promised Land after marrying two wives from among his relatives in Mesopotamia.

The saving of a family

Jacob’s growing family faced two sets of problems. As seen in Judah’s sexual appetites there were and would be more problems living among the Canaanites.

Secondly, famine came to the Promised Land.

The saving of a nation

God sent Joseph ahead of the clan through the machinations of his brothers. He rose to power in Egypt and saved the Egyptians and his family during the seven years of famine.

Because the Jews and their occupation as shepherds were repugnant to the Egyptians there was no pressure to intermarry. The Jews grew from a clan to a nation in relative isolation in Egypt. Exodus 1 started with Jacob’s clan but Exodus 1:7 emphasizes how quickly they grew in their 400 year stay in Egypt.

The first census in Numbers 1 detailed over 600,000 men eligible for their militia.

They multiplied in Egypt, but they were also slaves during the final years of their stay.

Abraham’s seed became numerous, but they were an oppressed people.

Moses, their deliverer, brought the freed nation of slaves out of Egypt to the entrance of the Promised Land.

Sometimes God fulfills his promises in very difficult circumstances

Questions for consideration:

Can you think of promises to Christians from Scripture that have been fulfilled in your life under difficult circumstances?

Can you think of instances in the lives of others?

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