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It is time to pray for the United Methodist Church

Last week the governing body of the United Methodist Church voted to affirm the biblical view of sexuality and gender and to expect that all bishops and clergy will support this view.

The majority included a large voting block of African and other non-American leaders who rejected the progressive sexual stances of American Methodists.

Be sure to read the first link to an African leader’s words of strength and humility.

The is the third time something like this has happened in my adult life. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod rejected liberal theology in the 1970s and the Southern Baptist Convention did the same in the 1980s.

This difference this time is that the vote was decided by non-American voters.

Where do the Methodists go from here?

The have also voted to let those churches who want to leave keep their property. In the past, in most denominations, the leaving conservatives were forced to fight for or lose their property.

In the next month the losing, progressive side is deciding what to do. I do not believe they will leave peacefully.

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Where do we go from here?

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Next big news story: After 40 years of war, is United Methodist establishment ready to bargain?

Please pray for the United Methodist Church in the next few weeks.

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