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The humility and calling of a Christian

Most translations use the word servant in Romans 1:1 but Paul was really saying that he was a slave. Slavery was common in Paul’s world and Christians used this word to describe their relationship to Jesus. They used it to answer Roman judges who condemned them to death and Paul used it regularly to talk about himself and other Christians

We may not think of it but Jesus’ followers should remember that they are slaves

Servant or Slave

John MacArthur. Slave: the hidden truth about your identity in Christ

John MacArthur, in an excellent and thought provoking book, talks about slaves and servants.

Servants were hired. Slaves were owned.

Servants had specific duties. Slaves did what they were told to do.

Slaves were property.

Jesus talked about slaves, not servants, in Luke 17:7-10.  The slaves were working in the field or with the sheep and then come in and were told to serve dinner. Jesus reminded his listeners that these slaves were not thanked by their master. In the same way his followers should do all that they are commanded and consider it their duty

Called… Set apart

However, slavery is not the complete picture of Paul’s or our relationship with God. We are also called or set apart for a mission in his kingdom.

We obey God in the part of his mission that is given to us.

We are obedient slaves but we have a part of the mission of the eternal God.

Involves the three persons of the Godhead

Our calling involves all the members of the Godhead. Our gifts are from the Spirit, our place of service is from Jesus and we are empowered by the Father. (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

We may not think of it but Jesus’ followers should remember that they are slaves

Questions for consideration:

Are obedience and submission hard for you?

How would you describe your part in God’s kingdom?