Photo montage of man jumping into a giant cell phone pool

Are you a slave to your phone, email, and the internet?

Do you find that you have no time to get your real work done because you have to answer email during the best time of the day?

Do you come to the office two hours behind?

Do you just dig your self out to find that you are late for dinner?

Seth Godin has written excellent guidelines on his blog on 4/11/15.

Five steps to digital hygiene

Washing your hands helps you avoid getting sick.

Putting fattening foods out of your reach helps you stay slim.

And the provocations and habits you encounter in the digital world keep you productive (or drive you crazy):

1. Turn off mail and social media alerts on your phone.

2. Don’t read the comments. Not on your posts or on the posts of other people. Not the reviews and not the trolls.

3. De-escalate the anger in every email exchange.

4. Put your phone in the glove compartment while driving.

5. Spend the most creative hour of your day creating, not responding.

Each habit is hard to swallow and easy to maintain. Worth it.

My problem:

Number 2 is for those who write on the internet.

Number 5 in my problem. I need to not spend the best hours of the day digging myself out of the electronic pile that greets me each morning. I need to let people wait a bit while I get something done.

What’s your problem?