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Jul 31

Prayer should not be hard and it definitely should not be boring

The problem We know we should pray. We know about many great praying Christians from the past or from our own experience.  But we just sit there and wonder if we are doing anything. It is hard and, if we were totally honest, it is boring. Maybe, it doesn’t need to be this way. A …

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Jul 03

Three characteristics of prayer

Prayer is complex Prayer is complex. Jesus gave the Lord’s Prayer as a model in the Sermon on the Mount. Later, in private, the disciples asked him to teach them how to pray and he gave them essentially the same model. (Matthew 6:5-14; Luke 11:1-4) The night before he died Jesus prayed in the garden. …

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Apr 01

What does Jesus want to find when he returns to the earth?

The widow and the corrupt judge Jesus told a story about a corrupt judge and a widow who wanted justice. The widow wins her case not on its merits but by wearing down the judge with her persistence. (Luke 18:1-8) The parable seems unlikely for two reasons. In the passage before Jesus talks about the …

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May 27

The Just Shall Live By Faith- Habakkuk’s prayer

A Time of Crisis 600 Years Before Jesus About six hundred years before Christ was born there was a time of great crisis among the Jews. King Josiah, the boy king who had grown to be a godly leader, was killed in battle against the Egyptians. He brought revival to Jerusalem, restored the temple, and …

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