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May 05

When you try to buy something that God wants to give you it usually doesn’t work out well: The king of Moab, Balaam, Abraham, and God’s blessing

I heard something I hadn’t noticed before As part of my goal to listen to the Bible each year I was recently listening to the book of Numbers.  I noticed for the first time that a verse in Numbers is very similar to a verse in Genesis.  That didn’t seem right. Genesis In Genesis 12:1-3 …

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Apr 07

How good things turn bad

We all have memories and memories are important.  But, memories can work against us. Sometimes we so focus on a memory or a relic from a past victory that we lose focus on what is really important. Moses During their wandering in the desert before they entered the Promised Land the Jewish people rebelled against …

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Feb 19

What will be your final words to those who will listen?

Three speeches Moses was used by God to lead his people out of slavery.  He led the Jewish people through the Red Sea to Mount Sinai.  There he went up to meet God and receive the Law. The people rebelled against God and refused to enter the Promised Land. He then led them for 38 …

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Dec 28

Are you big enough to use yourself as a bad example when you teach others … like Moses did?

We all live in a world where choices have consequences.  We can use our bad choices as examples to teach others about things to avoid on their life pilgrimages. Moses’ Disobedience God gave Moses specific instructions on how to provide water for his people in the desert.  Moses disobeyed God and took the credit for …

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Nov 07

People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission

People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission Vines and grapes In ancient Israel food was grown in different ways.  Some food came from plants that were planted each year.  Wheat and barley were an important part of the diet.  Other food came from trees and vines. These were planted, nurtured, and gave …

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May 09

How big is your God?

Some of the events recorded in the Bible seem strangely quaint. People believed in localized or oddly restricted deities. Naaman, Syrian general, followed the advice of his captured Jewish slave girl and sought healing for his leprosy through the Jewish prophet Elisha. He was told to wash in the Jordan River but wanted to wash …

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Feb 16

Are there some things too evil for Jesus to heal?

Uncleanness in the Hebrew Scriptures In the Hebrew Scriptures there are many regulations about uncleanness. Why are they there? Some say that they address hygiene issues but that does not explain all of them. Some say that they are basically arbitrary…do this because I told you. That doesn’t seem to explain them either. (Leviticus 14-16; …

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Feb 09

Do you have the faith of a leader in the synagogue or the faith of a woman who would not be allowed in the synagogue if they knew her dirty secret?

12 years In twelve years a little girl grew from birth to the verge of womanhood. She lived in a lakeside fishing village large enough for a small military unit and a tollbooth for the trade that went through town. Her father, Jairus, was a leader in the synagogue and she was his only daughter. …

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Mar 11

God used a Pagan Prophet to Bless his People.

Who was Balaam? The blessing of the Jews by the pagan sorcerer Balaam in Numbers, chapters 22-24, is a perplexing series of events. Balaam is also known from a text outside the Bible. An inscription has been discovered near the junction of the Jordan and Jabbok rivers in the language of the Ammonites, descendants of …

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Feb 19

Moses’ Staff.

The oldest Psalm In the oldest dated Psalm, Moses reflected on the finiteness of humanity and observed that we are on the earth for seventy, maybe eighty years. We live fleeting lives (Psalm 90:10). Moses was an old man Moses was an old man when he stood before the burning bush and began his work …

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