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Sep 28

The Gospel is for everyone. (So that you may believe. John 20:30-31)

The Gospel is for everyone The Gospel is for the favored in society John was selective about what he chose to put in his Gospel. He had an overall aim and he chose events from the life of Christ that taught principles that would lead people toward faith in Jesus. (John 20:30-31) Nicodemus was a religious leader …

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Mar 27

People don’t always act the way you’d predict

The disciples were afraid Jesus found the disciples hiding in fear of the Jews on Easter Sunday evening. After the powerful events of the first Easter they were still afraid. (John 20:19) Two religious leaders risked their lives In contrast, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus revealed their allegiance to Jesus after his death but before …

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Feb 10

Repentance is always an option.

Jesus offered salvation to His most bitter opponents and some of them believed- repentance is always an option. Jesus came to the earth He created and was rejected (John 1:9-11). The religious leaders were His consistent, bitter opponents. They concluded that He worked in league with the Devil (Matthew 9:32-34; 12:22-24). In the last week …

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Jan 17

What is really inside people? … Jesus knew.

The beginning of John’s Gospel moves quickly. Chapter one contains a theological prologue and introduces John the Baptist and Jesus. The second chapter contains two powerful accounts- Jesus changed water to wine and threw religious hucksters out of the temple. Then the chapter ends strangely. People saw the signs Jesus did in Jerusalem and believed in him …

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