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May 20

Faith and Experience- Moses and the Jewish elders- Experiencing the presence of God

The Jews Experienced the Power of God The Jews who were part of the generation that was liberated from Egypt experienced the power of God in ways that few have seen. There have been three periods of intense miraculous signs. The first was the time of the Exodus when God defeated Pharaoh and the gods …

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May 08

Go and Tell… and …Come and See

Come and See Just before his death, Moses spoke to the Jews who were about the enter the land promised to Abraham. He restated the law that was given to their parents who came out of Egypt. He spoke about how attractive their nation would be if they obeyed God’s law. Gentiles would wonder at …

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Mar 11

God used a Pagan Prophet to Bless his People.

Who was Balaam? The blessing of the Jews by the pagan sorcerer Balaam in Numbers, chapters 22-24, is a perplexing series of events. Balaam is also known from a text outside the Bible. An inscription has been discovered near the junction of the Jordan and Jabbok rivers in the language of the Ammonites, descendants of …

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Feb 19

Moses’ Staff.

The oldest Psalm In the oldest dated Psalm, Moses reflected on the finiteness of humanity and observed that we are on the earth for seventy, maybe eighty years. We live fleeting lives (Psalm 90:10). Moses was an old man Moses was an old man when he stood before the burning bush and began his work …

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