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Sep 22

What is the book of Romans about?

Romans is focused on Jesus, God’s salvation offered through him, and how to live when we have committed our lives to God’s service. The Bookends of Romans Authors often have very similar sections near the beginning and near the end of their books. They are the bookends of the book. Bookends give the reader clues …

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Jul 01

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the Creator How do you begin a story with no beginning? Matthew and Luke begin with the supernatural birth. Mark begins with the preaching of John the Baptist. John’s Gospel begins at the ultimate beginning. His first words “In the beginning” jolt us to Genesis.  Jesus was the uncreated Creator God.  When time …

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Feb 10

When doubts get in the way

Great Commission The Great Commission which closes the Gospel of Matthew has been powerful marching orders for the Church.  It is often preached and has motivated countless Christians to lives of sacrificial outreach. (Matthew 29:16-20) The risen Jesus appeared to the remaining eleven disciples and gave them the plan for their future and the future …

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Feb 05

Judge not and you shall not be judged. What does this mean? Is it possible?

Judge not and you shall not be judged A verse that many people quote but fewer can find in the Bible is “judge not and you shall not be judged.”  The usual reasoning behind their quotation is that we should never criticize anyone and no one should criticize us. If we keep this ethic, when …

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Nov 07

People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission

People of faith are united with Jesus in his mission Vines and grapes In ancient Israel food was grown in different ways.  Some food came from plants that were planted each year.  Wheat and barley were an important part of the diet.  Other food came from trees and vines. These were planted, nurtured, and gave …

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Oct 17

In the middle of our life choices there are defining events

In the middle of our life choices there are defining events Mary anointing Jesus and Judas betrayed Jesus. (John 6:71; 12:1-8; 13:2; 26; 29; 18:1-11; Matthew 26:14-16; 27:3-10; Luke 10:38-42; 22:3) Mary was the disciple who caught the vision, gave a great gift, and is remembered as a part of the Gospel story When there …

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Oct 14

Two fires that changed Peter’s life

Two fires that changed Peter’s life People on a journey of faith have doubts and failure. They do not lead perfect lives. Peter’s pilgrimage before the fires Peter was the leader of the Twelve. He was a confident man. Jesus said that the disciples would abandon him and he would be left alone. Peter assured …

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Oct 07

Two ways we might be baptized as a Christian that we usually don’t think about

James and John’s Request Jesus prepared the disciples for their future by teaching them about his suffering and death.  After one of these times James and John asked him if they could sit at his side in the eternal kingdom. (Mark 10:32-34; Matthew 20:17-19; Luke 18:31-33) Jesus’ question Jesus responded with a question.  He asked …

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Oct 02

Sometimes we just don’t understand what God is teaching us because we have our own agenda… just like Jesus’ disciples.

Jesus taught with the purpose Jesus presented his messianic claims to the religious leaders and they responded that he had his powers because he was Satan’s partner. (Matthew 12) Jesus called the crowds to a deeper relationship with him but they grew tired of his teaching and went away. (John 6) The third emphasis of …

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Sep 30

What were the two reasons for the Jewish Sabbath and what can we learn from them?

Wherever there is Law there is Talmud A principle that I have often seen in life is that “wherever there is Law there is Talmud.” When you have principles people look to find the exceptions and the borders. How much can I do and still be in bounds? I live in Naples Florida and in …

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