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Feb 16

Are there some things too evil for Jesus to heal?

Uncleanness in the Hebrew Scriptures In the Hebrew Scriptures there are many regulations about uncleanness. Why are they there? Some say that they address hygiene issues but that does not explain all of them. Some say that they are basically arbitrary…do this because I told you. That doesn’t seem to explain them either. (Leviticus 14-16; …

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Feb 09

Do you have the faith of a leader in the synagogue or the faith of a woman who would not be allowed in the synagogue if they knew her dirty secret?

12 years In twelve years a little girl grew from birth to the verge of womanhood. She lived in a lakeside fishing village large enough for a small military unit and a tollbooth for the trade that went through town. Her father, Jairus, was a leader in the synagogue and she was his only daughter. …

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Mar 13

The Church and the Poor- Dignity and Charity in the Story of Ruth.

The Church and the Poor A few years ago I listened to a mixed-race pastor who leads a multiethnic congregation in an impoverished neighborhood. He spoke about the challenges of his ministry. One of the challenges he discussed was the need to balance dignity and charity. The need for charity was very real where he …

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