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Dec 24

Two ways that God shows that he is in control of Christmas

Two ways that God shows that he is in control of Christmas First, he named John the Baptist. Then, he named Jesus. Naming Naming is very important. Parents usually name their children We also get to name the things that belong to us.  Things that we want to receive special treatment.  We name our cars, …

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Jan 19

Is the Gospel Really For Everyone?

Luke Luke was a Gentile who came to Christ when Jews dominated Christian leadership. He was with Paul at Troas when they crossed the sea to bring the Gospel to Greece. (Acts 16:10-17; the first of the “we” sections of Acts) He was with Paul when he returned to Jerusalem. (Acts 20:5-21:18) He was with …

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Oct 30

The Greatness of Jesus- Some Pictures From His Birth

The Great Reversal is a consistent theme in Scripture. There are examples from the events surrounding the birth of Christ as well. Jesus was greater than John the Baptist even though John was older and started his ministry first. In a culture where age was important, John’s mysterious but theologically rich and provocatively words were …

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May 19

Faith and Experience John the Baptist- A word from God

John the Baptist John, the forerunner of Jesus, was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth. Zechariah was a priest and they were passed normal child-bearing age. Zechariah had a vision predicting the birth of a son. He doubted and was mute until the boy was born. He wrote on a tablet that the boy’s name …

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Feb 13

Judicial blindness is real.

Jesus was rejected Jesus offered salvation to His most bitter opponents but didn’t reach all of them. As I stated in the last blog the opposition between the religious leaders and Jesus was real. They said that He did his miracles in league with the Devil. He denounced them in the clearest terms in the …

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Feb 10

Repentance is always an option.

Jesus offered salvation to His most bitter opponents and some of them believed- repentance is always an option. Jesus came to the earth He created and was rejected (John 1:9-11). The religious leaders were His consistent, bitter opponents. They concluded that He worked in league with the Devil (Matthew 9:32-34; 12:22-24). In the last week …

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