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Sep 22

What is the book of Romans about?

Romans is focused on Jesus, God’s salvation offered through him, and how to live when we have committed our lives to God’s service. The Bookends of Romans Authors often have very similar sections near the beginning and near the end of their books. They are the bookends of the book. Bookends give the reader clues …

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Jun 30

Should Christians feel a little self-serving when they obey God? Do we do it to get something from him?

Are we being a little mercenary when we obey God? Do we do it for the goodies we get? Satan raised this very charge when God told him about the obedience of his servant Job. (Job 1:8-12; 2:3-6) Job lived a godly life and was a wealthy, respected man.  Satan told God that if God …

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Jun 23

When God makes you a promise do you believe him? What we can learn about faith from Abraham and King David.

God has made specific promises to specific people and has kept them for centuries. We can still trust him today. Very often our relationship with God has no past and no future. We are so focused on the moment that we forget about what God has promised in the past. He kept his word then …

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May 05

When you try to buy something that God wants to give you it usually doesn’t work out well: The king of Moab, Balaam, Abraham, and God’s blessing

I heard something I hadn’t noticed before As part of my goal to listen to the Bible each year I was recently listening to the book of Numbers.  I noticed for the first time that a verse in Numbers is very similar to a verse in Genesis.  That didn’t seem right. Genesis In Genesis 12:1-3 …

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Mar 16

If you have privilege, there are two ways to use it… one is not helpful

The reality of privilege Before Jacob died he called his sons together and gave them his blessings and spoke about their futures. Ruben was the first born.  He slept with his father’s concubine and lost preeminence. He would not lead. Simeon and Levi were the next oldest. They had deceptively killed a Canaanite town in …

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Jan 16

Do you interrupt your schedule and move quickly to serve someone else or to obey God… like Abraham did?

Usually we move at our own pace People who have rank or are in authority usually get to set their own pace. Most of us have some time each day when we are free to organize and plan our lives. Abraham moved quickly to serve It was in the afternoon, a hot afternoon, and Abraham …

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Sep 30

What were the two reasons for the Jewish Sabbath and what can we learn from them?

Wherever there is Law there is Talmud A principle that I have often seen in life is that “wherever there is Law there is Talmud.” When you have principles people look to find the exceptions and the borders. How much can I do and still be in bounds? I live in Naples Florida and in …

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Sep 11

Can there be reconciliation after decades of deceit, separation and hated?

God called Abraham and promised to make a great nation from his descendants. In the first century after that call the line of promise grew very slowly from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob. Isaac and Ishmael We do not know many details of the relationship between Isaac and and his half-brother, Ishmael.  Ishmael and his …

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May 24

The most expensive verse in the Bible

We often think that if we could just start all over again everything would change. Sometimes we do get a new beginning in an area of our lives but usually we find that we are the same person with the same strengths and weaknesses and everything doesn’t change. The downward path After creation there was …

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May 09

How big is your God?

Some of the events recorded in the Bible seem strangely quaint. People believed in localized or oddly restricted deities. Naaman, Syrian general, followed the advice of his captured Jewish slave girl and sought healing for his leprosy through the Jewish prophet Elisha. He was told to wash in the Jordan River but wanted to wash …

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