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May 05

When you try to buy something that God wants to give you it usually doesn’t work out well: The king of Moab, Balaam, Abraham, and God’s blessing

I heard something I hadn’t noticed before As part of my goal to listen to the Bible each year I was recently listening to the book of Numbers.  I noticed for the first time that a verse in Numbers is very similar to a verse in Genesis.  That didn’t seem right. Genesis In Genesis 12:1-3 …

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Feb 19

What will be your final words to those who will listen?

Three speeches Moses was used by God to lead his people out of slavery.  He led the Jewish people through the Red Sea to Mount Sinai.  There he went up to meet God and receive the Law. The people rebelled against God and refused to enter the Promised Land. He then led them for 38 …

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Jan 22

Just how important is it for us to be thankful

We have good days and bad days.  We have days that go as planned and days that don’t. We have pleasant surprises and bombshells that hurt us. Being thankful saves us from self-centered pride As he summarized the covenant, Moses predicted that good things would happen to God’s people when they entered the Promised Land.  …

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Jan 09

Two good reasons why people should slow down and rest

Busyness is moral sloth God told his people that if they lived according to his covenant other nations would look at how they lived and admire the principles that guided their lives. (Deuteronomy 4:5-8) One of the most admirable principles of God’s covenant was his provision for rest.  There were Sabbath days, Sabbath years, and the Year of Jubilee. …

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Dec 28

Are you big enough to use yourself as a bad example when you teach others … like Moses did?

We all live in a world where choices have consequences.  We can use our bad choices as examples to teach others about things to avoid on their life pilgrimages. Moses’ Disobedience God gave Moses specific instructions on how to provide water for his people in the desert.  Moses disobeyed God and took the credit for …

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Dec 14

You know things have gone wrong when an 11-day trip takes 38 years

Consequences are real. The book of Deuteronomy contains Moses’ final words to God’s people.  He was about to die and the people were about to enter the Promised Land with Joshua as their new leader. He introduced the first speech by reminding them of the terrible consequences that the people had endured because of a …

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Sep 30

What were the two reasons for the Jewish Sabbath and what can we learn from them?

Wherever there is Law there is Talmud A principle that I have often seen in life is that “wherever there is Law there is Talmud.” When you have principles people look to find the exceptions and the borders. How much can I do and still be in bounds? I live in Naples Florida and in …

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Feb 16

Are there some things too evil for Jesus to heal?

Uncleanness in the Hebrew Scriptures In the Hebrew Scriptures there are many regulations about uncleanness. Why are they there? Some say that they address hygiene issues but that does not explain all of them. Some say that they are basically arbitrary…do this because I told you. That doesn’t seem to explain them either. (Leviticus 14-16; …

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Jun 06

Habakkuk 3- The Just Shall Live By Faith- Habakkuk’s Psalm

Habakkuk’s Psalm Chapter three of Habakkuk is a psalm. In the last verse of the book he wrote “to the choirmaster with MY stringed instruments.” (Habakkuk 3:19, my emphasis. The possessive is not translated in some translations.) Habakkuk was probably a leader among the Levitical musicians. This psalm answers the question of chapter one. The …

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May 08

Go and Tell… and …Come and See

Come and See Just before his death, Moses spoke to the Jews who were about the enter the land promised to Abraham. He restated the law that was given to their parents who came out of Egypt. He spoke about how attractive their nation would be if they obeyed God’s law. Gentiles would wonder at …

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