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Jun 03

How do Christians know when they are ready to die?

It will happen We’ve all heard the humorous illustration used by many preachers that you never see a hearse towing a U-Haul. We’ve also heard the story of the rich and famous American industrialist whose one friend asked another at his funeral, “How much do you think he left behind?” The other responded, “All of …

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Jan 13

What does it mean when you call yourself a Christian?

Usually we get our names from our parents. Some of us are named after our parents. Some are named after relatives or famous people. Some are named after our parent’s favorite food, etc. Some of us like our names and some of us don’t. Some take a bold step and change their names. C. S. …

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May 06

Usually it is best to slow down

Robert Mounce. Jesus In His Own Words. B&H Books, 2010. In other blog posts I’ve talked about slowing down by listening to the Bible instead of reading it. We can also slow down by reading a translation that is new to us. Robert Mounce has written a translation of the Gospels that presents the story …

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Jan 08

Liar, Lunatic or Lord.

Liar, Lunatic or Lord. C. S. Lewis did not think people should be allowed to call Jesus a nice teacher. Lewis believed that He was either a liar, a lunatic or the Lord. Unbelieving critics have dismissed this as a classic case of a false alternative.  They prefer to call Him whatever they want. Some …

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