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Jun 03

How do Christians know when they are ready to die?

It will happen We’ve all heard the humorous illustration used by many preachers that you never see a hearse towing a U-Haul. We’ve also heard the story of the rich and famous American industrialist whose one friend asked another at his funeral, “How much do you think he left behind?” The other responded, “All of …

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Jan 19

Is the Gospel Really For Everyone?

Luke Luke was a Gentile who came to Christ when Jews dominated Christian leadership. He was with Paul at Troas when they crossed the sea to bring the Gospel to Greece. (Acts 16:10-17; the first of the “we” sections of Acts) He was with Paul when he returned to Jerusalem. (Acts 20:5-21:18) He was with …

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Sep 08

Passing the baton is essential to Christianity

Followers of Jesus reach out to others. After the final meal with the disciples Jesus prayed for the disciples he was leaving behind. He also prayed for those they would tell about him (John 17:20). Just before he ascended to the Father, he told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until that had received the …

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