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Jul 28

God keeps his promises even when we are faithless and our challenges seem unbeatable

The world is messy. Our lives are messy. Sometimes it seems as if we can’t depend on anything. In the midst of this, God is faithful and God is in charge God is trustworthy even if we are not and the world seems to be against us David’s good idea After King David had conquered …

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Nov 18

What do you do when it’s hard to trust God?

Sometimes we know what we want and it’s a good thing but it just isn’t happening. Sometimes totally unexpected things happen to us out of nowhere. How do we live in a world like this? The books of Samuel give two examples of people who faced these perplexing times of life. The bookends of the …

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Apr 27

Do we trust God even when it looks like we shouldn’t?

Bookends of 1-2 Samuel Writers often use bookends to let us know what is most important to them. Bookends are very similar concepts or words at the beginning and end of a book. They remind us what we need to remember. The books of 1 and 2 Samuel were originally one book. The writer put …

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Feb 16

Are there some things too evil for Jesus to heal?

Uncleanness in the Hebrew Scriptures In the Hebrew Scriptures there are many regulations about uncleanness. Why are they there? Some say that they address hygiene issues but that does not explain all of them. Some say that they are basically arbitrary…do this because I told you. That doesn’t seem to explain them either. (Leviticus 14-16; …

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Mar 01

Jesus Was the Perfect Messiah for Imperfect People

Matthew called Jesus the Son of Abraham and the Son of David (Matthew 1:1). God promised Abraham that all of the world would be blessed through him and his descendants (Genesis 12:3). The promised Messiah would descend from him. God promised David that his throne would last forever (2 Samuel 7:16). The promised Messianic king would …

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