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Feb 10

When doubts get in the way

Great Commission The Great Commission which closes the Gospel of Matthew has been powerful marching orders for the Church.  It is often preached and has motivated countless Christians to lives of sacrificial outreach. (Matthew 29:16-20) The risen Jesus appeared to the remaining eleven disciples and gave them the plan for their future and the future …

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Oct 16

I am Swiss by birth, German by education, and American by choice.

I am Swiss by birth, German by education, and American by choice. The church historian Philip Schaff (1819-1893) often gave this description of himself. His father died when he was a year-old.  His education began in Switzerland and culminated at the University of Berlin. After teaching at the Berlin for two years he was called …

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Jul 04

The 120 in the Upper Room at Pentecost… hard to believe

Hard to believe Just before he ascended to heaven, Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from God. There were 120 people waiting. That number is hard to believe…for two reasons. How small it was Jesus was the sinless God-man. He fed thousands, healed many, and raised people from the …

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May 14

Faith and Experience- Peter- A Great Experience

An early and very strong tradition tells us that Mark’s gospel recorded the message preached by Peter, the impulsive leader of the twelve. The Transfiguration Jesus took Peter, James, and John to a high mountain and was transfigured.  His clothes became radiant and he spoke with Moses and Elijah. The three of them spoke about …

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Mar 11

God used a Pagan Prophet to Bless his People.

Who was Balaam? The blessing of the Jews by the pagan sorcerer Balaam in Numbers, chapters 22-24, is a perplexing series of events. Balaam is also known from a text outside the Bible. An inscription has been discovered near the junction of the Jordan and Jabbok rivers in the language of the Ammonites, descendants of …

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