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Apr 07

How good things turn bad

We all have memories and memories are important.  But, memories can work against us. Sometimes we so focus on a memory or a relic from a past victory that we lose focus on what is really important. Moses During their wandering in the desert before they entered the Promised Land the Jewish people rebelled against …

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May 09

How big is your God?

Some of the events recorded in the Bible seem strangely quaint. People believed in localized or oddly restricted deities. Naaman, Syrian general, followed the advice of his captured Jewish slave girl and sought healing for his leprosy through the Jewish prophet Elisha. He was told to wash in the Jordan River but wanted to wash …

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Apr 02

Jesus is the consummation of the prophets, priests, and kings

The Prophets When I was in seminary one of the professors referred to the prophets as God’s relief pitchers. They were called in to meet needs, usually when things were not going well. They came from different regions of the country and different tribes. Some like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel were lifelong prophets. Some …

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