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Mar 09

Two words that can give meaning to life and death

Two words There are two words from the Bible that challenge how we view life and death. In the New Testament people who follow Jesus are called pilgrims on this earth and citizens of heaven. We are pilgrims and citizens. How we think about these words determines how we face death and how we find …

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Sep 07

What do we do when we want to change our lives but can’t?

My Dental Cleaning When I was in seminary I went for a scheduled dental cleaning. The hygienist looked in my mouth with tools in hand and a suction device in place and said, “I see you are afflicted by a tooth grinding demon.” I mumbled something and when I checked out she asked, “What are …

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May 24

The most expensive verse in the Bible

We often think that if we could just start all over again everything would change. Sometimes we do get a new beginning in an area of our lives but usually we find that we are the same person with the same strengths and weaknesses and everything doesn’t change. The downward path After creation there was …

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