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Mar 09

Two words that can give meaning to life and death

Two words There are two words from the Bible that challenge how we view life and death. In the New Testament people who follow Jesus are called pilgrims on this earth and citizens of heaven. We are pilgrims and citizens. How we think about these words determines how we face death and how we find …

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Sep 07

What do we do when we want to change our lives but can’t?

My Dental Cleaning When I was in seminary I went for a scheduled dental cleaning. The hygienist looked in my mouth with tools in hand and a suction device in place and said, “I see you are afflicted by a tooth grinding demon.” I mumbled something and when I checked out she asked, “What are …

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Jun 25

This book changed my life

That book changed my life About 25 years ago I was having breakfast with a friend. He was an editor with a local publisher and we were talking about books. We began discussing a book that we both strongly disliked. At that point a waitress leaned into our booth and spoke in a hushed voice. …

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Jul 07

How should we live if we think the world is going to end soon?

We Are in the Last Days When Peter wrote to the Christians of Asia Minor near the end of his life, he reminded them that since Jesus had come they were in the last days. Throughout his first letter there are themes of hope, purity, living well in relationships and suffering. Jesus had told him …

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May 14

Faith and Experience- Peter- A Great Experience

An early and very strong tradition tells us that Mark’s gospel recorded the message preached by Peter, the impulsive leader of the twelve. The Transfiguration Jesus took Peter, James, and John to a high mountain and was transfigured.  His clothes became radiant and he spoke with Moses and Elijah. The three of them spoke about …

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Feb 08

Taking responsibility for our sin.

We sin regularly. Sin breaks our fellowship with God and with others. Some sins are also illegal. Some sins may bring deep hurt to those closest to us.  Some have physical consequences for us and others. What we do when we sin is important. I know friends who have confronted colleagues about the way they …

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