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Feb 10

When doubts get in the way

Great Commission The Great Commission which closes the Gospel of Matthew has been powerful marching orders for the Church.  It is often preached and has motivated countless Christians to lives of sacrificial outreach. (Matthew 29:16-20) The risen Jesus appeared to the remaining eleven disciples and gave them the plan for their future and the future …

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Feb 05

Judge not and you shall not be judged. What does this mean? Is it possible?

Judge not and you shall not be judged A verse that many people quote but fewer can find in the Bible is “judge not and you shall not be judged.”  The usual reasoning behind their quotation is that we should never criticize anyone and no one should criticize us. If we keep this ethic, when …

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Nov 21

What should we do with the rest of our lives?

Most of us do not live subsistence lives. We have the freedom and the resources to make choices. Some of us have enough time and money that we can spend a lot to entertain ourselves. All of us have 24 hours in every day. We fill that time with something. Over 3000 years ago Moses …

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Oct 07

Two ways we might be baptized as a Christian that we usually don’t think about

James and John’s Request Jesus prepared the disciples for their future by teaching them about his suffering and death.  After one of these times James and John asked him if they could sit at his side in the eternal kingdom. (Mark 10:32-34; Matthew 20:17-19; Luke 18:31-33) Jesus’ question Jesus responded with a question.  He asked …

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Sep 01

3 Reasons why faith in Jesus is a powerful base for life in a wacky world.

A crowd was attracted by the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost. There were cynical explanations. The followers of Jesus were drunk. There always seem to be cynical explanations. Peter defended the new faith. Later, Paul would preach the same faith. Peter would also reiterate it after the gospel had spread to the Gentiles (Acts …

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Jul 04

The 120 in the Upper Room at Pentecost… hard to believe

Hard to believe Just before he ascended to heaven, Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from God. There were 120 people waiting. That number is hard to believe…for two reasons. How small it was Jesus was the sinless God-man. He fed thousands, healed many, and raised people from the …

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Jun 25

This book changed my life

That book changed my life About 25 years ago I was having breakfast with a friend. He was an editor with a local publisher and we were talking about books. We began discussing a book that we both strongly disliked. At that point a waitress leaned into our booth and spoke in a hushed voice. …

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Oct 16

How is being a Christian better than being an Olympic Champion?

Only one person in the Olympic race gets the gold but all Christians can win the crown. Olympic glory fades but a Christian’s crown lasts forever. (1 Corinthians 9:24-27) Like many men today Paul knew sports and like many pastors today he used athletic images when he taught about spiritual things. Paul knew about running …

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Jul 21

What happens when we sin?

Christians don’t lead perfect lives. We sin and each time we sin there is a choice. We can agree that it is wrong and decide not to do it again and be restored. We will sin again and the process will be repeated. We will mature and change but we will always be plagued by …

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Feb 08

Taking responsibility for our sin.

We sin regularly. Sin breaks our fellowship with God and with others. Some sins are also illegal. Some sins may bring deep hurt to those closest to us.  Some have physical consequences for us and others. What we do when we sin is important. I know friends who have confronted colleagues about the way they …

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