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Jul 28

God keeps his promises even when we are faithless and our challenges seem unbeatable

The world is messy. Our lives are messy. Sometimes it seems as if we can’t depend on anything. In the midst of this, God is faithful and God is in charge God is trustworthy even if we are not and the world seems to be against us David’s good idea After King David had conquered …

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Jul 14

Isaiah saw God and it changed his life. What can we learn from Isaiah’s call in Isaiah 6?

Isaiah served God as a prophet for most of his life. He was an advisor to good kings and bad. At the beginning of his ministry he saw God and the vision set the tone for the rest of his life. (Isaiah 6) When we get a clear picture of who God is it changes …

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Jul 07

God wants to invest in us but sometimes we think we can get a better deal somewhere else

God wants an intimate relationship with us but we often settle for much less.  We accept God’s initial offer (the Gospel) and get to first base.  But, in the words of a famous preacher, we then turn away from the action. We go and sit in the dugout and wait to go to heaven. Most …

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Jul 03

Links to begin the week

Link to a previous post on my blog How to be a living sacrifice. Links to things I’ve read recently You should not assume that I agree with everything said in these articles but I did find them thought provoking. Animation Showcases The Pompeii Disaster With Accurate 3D Rendering Of The Events Poverty, Dropouts, Pregnancy, Suicide: What …

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Jun 30

Should Christians feel a little self-serving when they obey God? Do we do it to get something from him?

Are we being a little mercenary when we obey God? Do we do it for the goodies we get? Satan raised this very charge when God told him about the obedience of his servant Job. (Job 1:8-12; 2:3-6) Job lived a godly life and was a wealthy, respected man.  Satan told God that if God …

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Jun 24

A new edition of Western Seminary’s magazine

  Western Seminary’s magazine This is an excellent edition on maintaining Christian unity in a divisive age Enjoy Bob Please share this anyone that you think might benefit from it You may give me feedback, suggest blog topics, or make any other comment to    

Jun 23

When God makes you a promise do you believe him? What we can learn about faith from Abraham and King David.

God has made specific promises to specific people and has kept them for centuries. We can still trust him today. Very often our relationship with God has no past and no future. We are so focused on the moment that we forget about what God has promised in the past. He kept his word then …

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May 05

When you try to buy something that God wants to give you it usually doesn’t work out well: The king of Moab, Balaam, Abraham, and God’s blessing

I heard something I hadn’t noticed before As part of my goal to listen to the Bible each year I was recently listening to the book of Numbers.  I noticed for the first time that a verse in Numbers is very similar to a verse in Genesis.  That didn’t seem right. Genesis In Genesis 12:1-3 …

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Mar 15

Links for Wednesday

The is an added post. I have found so many good links this week that I will send extra posts. Enjoy China Kicks Out Korean Missionaries in ‘Unprecedented’ Numbers Radical Islamic Jihadists Kill Christian Mother, Son for ‘Defiling’ Islam by Converting to Christianity Baptisms More Than Double in Austria; Refugees Converting Despite Muslim Threats Rabbit …

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Mar 11

Links for the weekend

The is an added post. I have found so many good links this week that I will break then up into at least two posts. Enjoy When Things Get Complicated, Remember the Basics The Eternal Glory of the Daily Grind Re-creating the sounds of an ancient Greek church in LA The Shack — The Missing …

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