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The blog is for you

On this blog, you are the hero. Jesus is the guide. I am, at best, a player-coach or a facilitator. I am on my own pilgrimage. I am in this with you.Stevenson pix B color_DSP8849-3

I am a writer who helps thirsty Christians grow confidently.

I want to help you change your world as you change your life.

The blog

I will add new posts to my blog on Monday and Friday.

On Monday I will posts “Links to begin the week.”

This will include:

links to a post on my blog from the past that you may want to read again,

links to articles I have read in the last week that I found provoking, and

links to books I have begun to read in the last week.

On Friday I will post something new that I have written.

Sample posts

These are some sample posts so you can see what you can expect on my blog.


David…. Goliath… and you

How do we live in an unbelieving world?

What would it be like if you were Jesus’ first disciple?


Sometimes disagreements are real, deep and personal

I am Swiss by birth, German by education, and American by choice.

The Politics of Statues: Pennsylvania, Oregon, and your state


If you are more than 60 years old or ever expect to be, you should read this book

What is the Internet doing to my brain and what can I do about it?

Everyone needs a three-part personal strategy to fight poverty

My Pilgrimage

I am the Library Director at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon and the Director of Libraries at Corban University in Salem, Oregon.

I have sought to put Jesus, the gospel, and the Christian faith at the center of my life since September, 1972.  I spent a few days at the beginning of my senior year at college wondering where Christianity fit into my life. I had been raised in a Christian home but was drifting. I read a gospel tract over and over again. I finally concluded that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead and that fact and its implications would center my life from then on.

My wife and I met on Campus Crusade for Christ staff (now Cru) where she was on the college staff and I was on the Athletes in Action Weightlifting team. We were married on June 1, 1974.

After ten years of training at the seminary and graduate school and some formative jobs, I came back to Western Seminary in 1983. I was a student there from 1974-1977. I was at Western from 1983-1993 and at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity International University from 1993-1997. Since 1997 I have worked part-time at Western. I became the director at Corban in 2014.

At Western, I have been Library Director and taught theology, church history, research methods, and ethics.

At Trinity, I was the seminary librarian, university librarian and taught a course in Patristics and courses in a degree completion program.

I lift weights as a hobby and was third in the National College meet and when competing as a Master lifter in my 40s I finished third in the world championships, second in the Pan Americans, and was five times American or National champion.

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