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God keeps his promises even when we are faithless and our challenges seem unbeatable

The world is messy. Our lives are messy. Sometimes it seems as if we can’t depend on anything. In the midst of this, God is faithful and God is in charge

God is trustworthy even if we are not and the world seems to be against us

David’s good idea

After King David had conquered Jerusalem and build himself a palace he decided that he would build a permanent temple. This would replace the Tabernacle, a tent constructed 400 years earlier during the pilgrimage from Egypt to the Promised Land. His advisor, the prophet Nathan, thought this would be a good idea. (2 Samuel 7:1-3)

God’s promise to David

That night God appear to Nathan and told him to tell David that he would not build a house for God. God would build a house for him. His kingdom would be secure. His descendants would reign in Jerusalem. His kingdom would have no end. The Messiah would come from his line. (2 Samuel 7:4-29)

If he or his descendants disobeyed God, God would treat them like his children and discipline them. He would not abandon them like he did King Saul who reigned before him.

Ahab, a descendant of David

King Ahab was a descendent of King David. He did not worship the true God and he did not obey God’s law. (Isaiah 7)

The plans of Israel and Syria

The kings of Israel and Syria planned to come to Jerusalem, depose Ahab, and put their puppet on the throne. They planned to end the house of David.

Ahab’s plans

Ahab responded to this threat by checking his defenses and his water supply in case of a siege. He also sought a military alliance with Assyria to defeat these two kings.

God keeps his promise

God sent the prophet Isaiah to give his message to Ahab. God would be faithful to the house of David. Ahab would not be deposed. He was to trust God not Assyria. Isaiah told him to ask for a sign. (Isaiah 7)

Ahab refused.

God told him there would be a sign. In the time it takes for child to move from birth to childhood the kingdoms of Syria and Israel would be destroyed.

There would also be a bigger sign. A virgin would give birth to son and that son would be a faithful king unlike Ahab.

Also, God told Ahab that the Assyrians, whom he trusted, would attack the Jews conquering much of the land and destroying most of their cities.

They would not destroy the kingdom. God would be faithful

The big picture

God was faithful to the house of David. He disciplined David, Solomon, and their descendants.

God was faithful but there were consequences for their actions.

God is trustworthy even if we are not and the world seems to be against us

Question for consideration:

How has your life been a balance of consequences and God’s faithfulness?

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